Social Media Tips

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Social Media Tips


Are you looking to upgrade your social media platforms? Look no further - with these tips from the Suffolk in the Hub crew, you can expand your content expertise.


                  In order to gain a following, you will want to start with consistency. First, set goals: you can do this by creating a content calendar and setting personal deadlines for posts whether it be daily or weekly. This is important because of consumer drawback, it allows them to return to your page with the knowledge that new content will have arrived. The repetition of posts will also bring in more conversation between others and draw in potential clientele. In addition, as consistency is a necessity to your online platform, the reminders of your business will appear on a user’s account per recommendation algorithms from the platform itself, as long as content is up to date.  


              As you form consistent credibility with the consumer, you can offer forms of engagement to keep them entertained, other than the simplicity of likes and comments. This can be done in a variety of methods through the diverse social media platforms. For the most part, many apps have a “story” feature, which allows the user to publish content that will be viewable for 24 hours. These typically offer engagement features such as polls, questions, links, and provides information pertaining to upcoming promotions. Furthermore, social media posts can include a plethora of engagement. For example, giveaways asking the consumer to like, comment, tag two people, and follow for a chance to win. Other forms of this include the chance to win a prize if the consumer tags you in a post with the product in hand. The purpose of engagement is to get to know your followers and let them get to know you. Engagement will allow you to incorporate awareness as well as draw in new potential buyers who have otherwise never heard of your company. 

             Now that you have established consistency and recurring consumer engagement, you are now on track to presenting your authenticity. You want your followers to consume original content that they will remember and bring them back to your page. As your business possesses originality, you want your social media to reflect that. To do this, you can exemplify your brand through content by maintaining company attributes within your posts. In particular, by including company colors, fonts, and logos which allows your followers to link together consistency, credibility, and authenticity. Other ways to accomplish an original content creation is through binding your business promises into your account, and following through with your product or service to further demonstrate your reliability as a company.  


         Now that you are running a successful social media account, and you have made a clear display of consistency, engagement, and authenticity, you are ready for the next step. It is possible that you feel your social media platform may seem repetitive, losing that initial engagement, or you have simply hit a creative roadblock. In times like this, not only your followers, but you are most likely seeking a change in your social media scenery. Believe it or not, this happens to every business, big or small, numerous times, and can be a great B2B social networking opportunity. Although it may be an uncomfortable step, a collaboration with another business who has a similar following can help your company grow . 


From the Suffolk in the Hub Community, we hope these tips were helpful!

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